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MY TOP 10 - Greatest Monday Night Football Announcers

On September 21, 1970 America was introduced to Monday Night Football. Little did anyone realize that on that night there would be a broadcasting revolution happening.

NFL owners at the time were very skeptical that a prime-time game on a Monday night would dramatically enhance the popularity of the sport of football, but line their pockets with lots of cash.

(Courtesy: NFL/ABC Sports)

Being a Canadian kid I didn't really watch Monday Night Football until the early 80s when the games were simulcasting by a Canadian television network. It made an incredible impression on me. I was always fascinated by the announcers who travelled all over the United States calling the greatest names and watching the best teams each week.

I have compiled a list of my TOP 10 announcers who were in the broadcast booth on Monday Night Football over the years:

10. Dan Dierdorf - Dierdorf was in the MNF booth from 1987-98. I would say he may not be on most fans Top 10 lists, but I always found him entertaining and informative. He could be bombastic in the booth, but I always felt he was a great analyst and enjoyed his work.

9 - Jon Gruden - Let's not forget before his disastrous free fall out of the NFL, he was considered one of the best colour analysts on television. Gruden was loud and in your face with his delivery, but I listening to him break down the game with other players from a coaching perspective.

8 - Troy Aikman - Being a New York Giants fan I detested Troy Aikman when he played for the Cowboys, but as a football Color Analyst he is one of the best in the business. There is a love hate relationship for his partner Joe Buck, which I do not get, but Aikman is great in the booth. I appreciate his knowledge and insight on a weekly basis.

7 - Mike Tirico - Called Monday Night Football from 2005-2016 and is widely considered one of the best play-by-play men in the booth today. Tirico and Jon Gruden in the broadcast booth was a great watch. Tirico was the cool on the air, while Gruden was bombastic, yet it worked so well.

6 - Dan Fouts - He was only in the MNF booth for 3 seasons and was overshadowed by Dennis Miller. I was a fan of Miller as a comedian, but not in the MNF booth. Fouts is one of the most underrated analysts I believe in NFL history. I love his insight into the game, but it never was about him. He saved many of those MNF broadcasts with his insight.

5 - Don Meredith - Meredith changed how a Colour Analyst talked. He was a showman but also delivered the X's and O's for the hardcore football fan. His banter with Howard Cosell was legendary, and his wit was intoxicating to the casual football fan. Many people forget Don Meredith the football player, but he will be always remembered for being one of the best announcers Monday Night Football ever had.

(Courtesy: NFL/ABC Sports)

4 - Frank Gifford - When Monday Night Football came on with the first live shot you heard Frank Gifford's voice begin the pregame hype, which made the hair on your arms stand-up. He was one of the longest serving announcers on MNF first as a play-by-play man then many years later as colour analyst. He was smooth as silk and was the straight man to Howard Cosell and Don Meredith, who usually stole the show. Gifford was Mr. Consistency.


3 - John Madden - When he made the move from Fox Sports to ABC Sports in 2002, it was a new era for Monday Night Football. Al Michaels and Madden together in the same booth for 3 years was magic. Madden and Pat Summerall is my all-time favourite announce team, but Madden and Michaels were Number 2.

2 - Al Michaels - Certainly one of the most decorated and incredible careers in sports broadcasting history. Every time I would hear Michaels call a game it was like he was in a bar watching the game with you. John Madden and Al Michaels were as good as it gets.

1. Howard Cosell - There was only one Cosell and when you are voted the best and worst announcer by TV Guide in the late seventies and early eighties, you realize how polarizing he was. He was a broadcasting giant who 'told it like it was'. Thanks to Cosell, MNF became must-see television every week and was one one of biggest brands in television sports history. I still will never forget watching Monday Night Football and Cosell announcing to the world that John Lennon was shot and killed.

(Courtesy: NFL/ABC Sports)

Who was your favourite announcer on Monday Night Football?

Who would be in your dream Monday Night Football booth since 1970?

Did you have a favourite Monday Night Football moment?

Comment below!

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