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Remembering Tim Horton and the Penguins Mt. Rushmore

The Sports Lunatics, Shawn and Howie, talk about the 50th anniversary of the passing of Tim Horton, their memories and what it all meant to them. They share a couple of stories as well. Howie reacts to a post on social media that stated the Big Four (Crosby, Jagr, Lemieux, Malkin) of the Pittsburgh Penguins was or is the greatest Mount Rushmore of NHL players from any single team.

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Howie and Shawn, great episode! As a native Buffalonian, Tim Horton's impact on those early Sabres teams was huge, as you discussed. We have a local hockey rink called the Tim Hortons Ice Plex. I took my daughter there for a birthday party and she was devastated she couldn't get a donut. Thanks again guys, great show!

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