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SPORTS LUNATICS TOP 10 - Snake bitten Fanbases

In light of the Aaron Rodgers season ending injury in his New York Jets debut, I present the Top 10 Snake bitten Fanbases in sports today (my opinion):

10. L.A. Clippers - Terrible owner for years, always the second banana to the Lakers, and their high-priced free agents have not helped cure their championship drought.

9. Buffalo Bills - They are one of the most loveable teams in the NFL, but each year their fans suffer due to another playoff failure. The franchise had one of the greatest spans in football history losing in 4 straight Super Bowls, but their fanbase has had their hearts ripped out too many times.

8. Buffalo Sabres - Sorry Buffalo sports fans, but we are going back-to-back. The Sabres missed the playoffs for 12 consecutive seasons. They were runner-up in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes when they selected Jack Eichel second overall. When they did get a franchise changing player, Eichel didn't want to stay in Buffalo and ends up on the Stanley Cup winning Las Vegas Knights!

7. Cleveland Browns - This one is pretty obvious considering Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield, and DeShaun Watson have helped the Browns only make the playoffs once in the past 10 years.

6. Charlotte Hornets - Despite having the greatest NBA player of all-time as one of the owners, Michael Jordan did not make a great owner and this fanbase has suffered for years of substandard performances.

5. Toronto Maple Leafs - Where do we start? They have not won the Stanley Cup since 1967. They have the best young talent in the NHL and have only made it to the second round only once since 2002. Beware: Please do not mention 3-1 series leads to a Leafs fan.

4. Los Angeles Chargers - Each and every year you feel this franchise is ready to make the next step. Instead it is another season of heartbreak. Despite having some of the greatest talent in NFL history, this franchise has never made it to a Super Bowl.

3. New York Jets - You know your team is snake bitten when the star quarterback you acquired in the offseason is lost for the season after tearing his Achilles heel on the fourth play of his season. Aaron Rodgers was supposed to be the savior for this franchise. Instead they could miss the playoffs for a 13th straight season.

2. Oakland A's - They are the lovable losers who are dead team playing in one of the worst stadiums in major league baseball. Ownership wants to move the team to Las Vegas. The money has run out in Moneyball and right now the franchise is on fumes in Oakland. Sadly, their proud fanbase has had enough, staging various protests throughout the season.

1 Detroit Lions - Who knew in 1958 the Bobby Layne curse still exists and is very real. Since the 1957 NFL Championship, the Lions have won only a single playoff game (1991). Remember the Lions ended up 0-16 in 2008.

Do you agree with my list? Give us your Top 10 below in the comments section!


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