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50 Years On: Hank Aaron Hits 715 - The Sports Lunatics

🌟 Join us for a poignant tribute to an iconic moment in sports history! 🌟

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Hank Aaron's groundbreaking 715th home run, surpassing Babe Ruth. But it wasn't just a record-breaking hit; it was a symbol of triumph over adversity. 🏆⚾

Against a backdrop of pervasive racism, Aaron's journey to greatness was riddled with challenges. Yet, his courage and determination propelled him forward, inspiring generations to come. 🌟✊

In our latest episode, The Sports Lunatics Shawn Lavigne and Howie Mooney delve deep into Aaron's historic achievement, exploring how his impact transcended far beyond the realm of sports. 🎙️📽️

Watch on YouTube:

What do remember about Hank Aaron and the night he passed Babe Ruth?

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